Our passion is food; and in seeing gastronomy thrive in all aspects applicable, especially in Ghana. Through our program, students are not just given the opportunity to hone in on the theoretical and practical application of the culinary arts, they are also given the opportunity to affiliate with associations and international bodies that promote culinary prowess around the world.

“Our passion is food….”

One such opportunity is the affiliation with the Chef’s Association of Ghana which in itself is a melting pot of seasoned veteran chefs, and aspiring chefs, in addition to several affiliations on the international platform. Courses feature cuisines and techniques from all over the globe for both sweet and savoury dishes

Our Story

The Dainess Chef’s School was born out of the trusted Dainess Foods brand founded in 1990.
With decades of experience supplying the food ingredients needs of bakers, cake makers, restaurants, chefs, manufacturing companies, retailer’s beverage sector and pharmaceuticals, we have grown to understand the technicalities of food and what it means to apply the knowledge of food in co-creating with our individual market segments.With the vast experience gained in food and beverage, coupled with the unfettered exposure to industry players.

The Dainess Chef School presents the platform on which to go the extra mile in exploring and meeting the needs of our industry players.

The Dainess Chef's School

The Dainess Chef’s School Founded to fill the gap in the market for an advanced culinary training institution in Ghana, Dainess Chef’s school exists to meet the need of the aspiring chef and avid cook alike. The Dainess Chef’s School aims to be the embodiment of a training institution that seeks to groom seasoned chefs, sharpen the skill of established chefs and passionate cooks to ultimately elevate culinary standards in Ghana.

The Dainess Chef’s School combines creativity with education in fine tuning the skill set of its students to attain international industry trends.


A comprehensive course packed into a short period for those who desire to improve their cooking skills. From making cakes and cake decoration to perfecting it this course covers menu plannina, marketina, various tupes or menu items and introduces uou to a varietu or cooking methods